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Listing Services

Pre-Listing Appointment

  • Discuss seller’s goals and timeline
  • Preview market activity
  • Compare sales performance with other listings
  • Prepare preliminary pricing analysis
  • Prepare disclosures and broker documentation

Initial Listing Appointment

  • Thorough walkthrough of the property
  • Create a list of all improvements and updates completed by the seller
  • Recommend home repairs and updates to maximize ROI, if needed
  • Execute disclosures and broker documentation
  • Post “Coming Soon” yard sign and secure lockbox

Prepare for Listing

  • Final review of market activity
  • Order preliminary title report
  • Prepare net listing form
  • Confirm completion of home repairs and updates, if applicable
  • Schedule professional staging consultant, if applicable
  • Schedule professional photographer

Launch Listing

  • Complete finishing touches to the home
  • Post “For Sale” Sign
  • Enter data into MLS database (HAR, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, etc.)
  • Post listings on social media with paid advertisement
  • Host an open house
  • Send mass email to local brokers
  • Monitor market changes
  • Coordinate buyer showings
  • Answer and follow up with any listing inquiries
  • Receive offers
  • Review and compare offers
  • Contact buyer’s lender to verify pre-approval
  • Negotiate and counsel client on offers
  • Execute acceptable contract

Under Contract

  • Send contract to title company and buyer’s lender
  • Update MLS status
  • Oversee inspections and appraisal
  • Negotiate possible buyer’s requests
  • Follow up with buyer’s loan
  • Reconcile possible title or appraisal issues
  • Confirm “clear-to-close”
  • Schedule a closing date and time
  • Collect property keys, remotes, warranties, etc.
  • Verify accuracy of closing documents


  • Supervise closing
  • Deliver keys, remotes, warranties, etc.
  • Update MLS status
  • Collect yard sign and lockbox
  • Follow up with buyer’s agent

After Closing

  • Follow up on any pending items
  • Thank the seller for their business!